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HiGlo Strips

Ophthalmic strips containing high molecular weight fluorescein

For soft contact lenses. Without staining.


Indications for use – for determination of the correct position of soft contact lenses on the eye. 


Instructions for use

Moisten the test strip with sterile saline or tear fluid from the lower body of the conjunctiva. Ask the patient to look up, then take the eyelid and gently place the moistened strip on the conjunctiva above the upper limb. After that, the patient should blink several times for better distribution of fluorescein. 



For lenses with a high moisture content, slight staining of the material may be observed. To avoid staining, you need to place the lenses in saline for a few minutes and then lenses with care solution before use. 


Packaging: one cardboard box contains 100 sterile strips in individual packaging.

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