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Lissamine Green

Sterile ophthalmic strips

Each strip contains approximately 1,5 mg of lissamine green. 


Indications for use:

Designed to diagnose epithelial damage of the cornea and conjunctiva of the human eye. Stains only the damaged epithelial cells, does not stain the extracellular space. Ideal for staining epithelial damage on the "red" eye.


Instructions for use:

Moisten the edge of the strip with sterile saline or a tear fluid of the lower body of the conjunctiva. Ask the patient to look up, then take the eyelid and gently hold the strip with a wetted edge along the conjunctiva of the eyeball. After that, the patient must blink several times to fully distribute the dye.  


Packaging: one cardboard package contains 100 sterile strips in individual packaging.

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