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TEAR Strips

Sterile diagnostic strips for Schirmer Test

Indications for use:

To diagnose the tear fluid production level.


Instructions for use:

Before carrying out the Schirmer test, do not use medications for the eyes and do not carry out any medical procedures. The patient should sit in a chair in a room with dim lighting, the patient's head should be on the headrest for better comfort. Take one strip in the closed package and bring it to the light. Bend one edge of the strip along the protective film along the notch line at the end of the strip. Carefully open the packaging without damaging the strip. Remove the strip from the packaging. Ask the patient to look up or down, insert the bent end of the strip into the lower edge of the eyelid of the eye being checked, make sure that the strip fits tightly to the eyelid. After 5 minutes, remove the strip and measure the length of the moistened part. 


Packaging: one cardboard box contains 100 sterile strips in individual packaging.

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