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Piiloset OneStep hydrogen peroxide-based system

Hydrogen peroxide-based system for care for all types of contact lenses, including orthokeratology lenses


OneStep is an effective and easy-to-use disinfecting system for all types of contact lenses. Its superior disinfecting efficacy is achieved by synergy of disinfecting 3% hydrogen peroxide and the custom-built OneStep lens case. Deep-clean lenses stay moist longer and are comfortable to use.


OneStep is a great disinfecting method for people with very sensitive eyes. It is also the perfect solution for those whose lenses need particularly effective cleaning.


OneStep solution must always be used with its own OneStep lens case. While hydrogen peroxide disinfects and cleans the lenses, the built-in neutralizing disc transforms hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. The process takes 6 hours. Disinfected lenses can be rinsed, if desired, with Piiloset SAL saline solution (or equivalent).


Suits all contact lenses


At the end of 2017, Finnsusp’s R&D department carried out laboratory tests in order to assess compatibility of Piiloset OneStep hydrogen peroxide system with a wider range of contact lens materials. The tests were carried out in accordance with the ISO 11981 standard.


Our Notified Body has now verified the documentation and we are happy to inform you that OneStep is suitable for cleaning and disinfecting of all types of contact lenses, i.e. soft, silicone-hydrogel, hard, gas permeable and scleral lenses.


OKVision is an official distributor of Piiloset in Russia.