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OKVision® BioTwin

Biocompatible multi-purpose solution for cleaning, disinfecting, storing, rinsing and moisturizing all types of contact lenses



The Finnish Society of Allergoloists has approved the use of OKVision® BioTwin solution for contact lens users with a tendency to allergies.



OKVision® BioTwin contains an innovative active ingredient Twin-EdaXyl®, which moisturizes the contact lens and removes any impurities from it as well as acts not only when exposing the lenses to a solution, but also when wearing them.

OKVision® BioTwin solution is recommended by the Finnish Society of Allergists for the care of all types of contact lenses, including orthokeratology lenses.


Suits all contact lenses

At the end of 2017, Finnsusp’s R&D department carried out laboratory tests in order to assess compatibility of OKVision® BioTwin hydrogen peroxide system with a wider range of contact lens materials. The tests were carried out in accordance with the ISO 11981 standard.

Our Notified Body has now verified the documentation and we are happy to inform you that BioTwin is suitable for cleaning and disinfecting of all types of contact lenses, i.e. soft, silicone-hydrogel, hard, gas permeable and scleral lenses.

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