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Refractivity coefficient 1,59

OKVision® 1,59 Gold Standart HMC+EMI


High refractive index single vision polycarbonate lens


Benefits of OKVision® 1,59 Gold Standart HMC+EMI:

• in combination with polycarbonate 1,59 refractive index makes the lens more refined and light

• Gold Standart coating protects the lens from damage and electromagnetic radiation

• 50% lighter and 30% thinner and 12 times stronger than standard OKVision® 1,5 lenses


Polycarbonate ensures absolute safety – it cannot be broken!



• Material: polycarbonate

• Design: spherical

• Refractive index: n = 1,59

• Coating: Gold Standart

• Density: 1,20

• Abbe number: 31

• UV absorption: 100%



Due to its technical characteristics – lightness and durability – these lenses are ideal for making glasses for children and teenagers. Recommended to fans of extreme sports as glasses with polycarbonate lenses are resistant to deformation and mechanical stress and will withstand a significant change of temperature.



The rimless frame equipped with polycarbonate lenses withstands a breaking strength of over 80 kg!