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Refractivity coefficient 1,61

OKVision® 1,61

High refractive index single vision polymer lens. Available with Gold Standart and Natural Pro coatings.

Benefits of OKVision® 1,61:


• 1,61 refractive index is ideal for refraction ranging from -4,0 D to -8,0 D

• high refractive index provides impeccable quality of perception (transmits 98,6% of the light)

• 45% lighter and 35% thinner than OKVision® 1,5

• 100% UV protection

• antistatic and grease repellent properties contribute to easy maintenance of glasses

• protects against electromagnetic radiation thanks to a special EMI coating

• exhibits high resistance to mechanical damage

• Natural Pro coating has hydrophobic properties



• Material: MR-8

• Design: spherical

• Refractive index: n = 1,61

• Coating: Gold Standart, Natural Pro

• Density: 1,30

• Abbe number: 38

• UV absorption: 100%



• ideal lens for patients with medium and high refraction values

• aesthetic appearance for patients with a refraction value above the average

• suitable for all types of frames

• meets the standards for day and night driving