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Refractivity coefficient 1,67

OKVision® 1.67 AS


High refractive index single vision aspherical polymer lens with a and Natural Pro coating.


Benefits of OKVision® 1.67 AS Natural Pro:


• 1,67 refractive index and aspheric design eliminate aberrations along the edges of the lenses, which ensures clear vision over the entire surface of the lens

• provides a more natural image of all objects observed

• improves the quality of vision in the peripheral zone of the lenses

• preserves the attractive appearance: the lens does not distort the size and shape of the eyes



• Material: MR-7

• Design: aspherical

• Refractive index: n = 1,67

• Coating: Natural Pro

• Density: 1,36

• Abbe number: 32

• UV absorption: 100%





This lens has a high refractive index, it is recommended for use to people with medium and high refraction indices from -4,0 D to -12,0 D.