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OKVision® One Touch 1 Day

Biocompatible daily replacement soft contact lenses with ultraviolet protection.


Technical data:

  • Material: Hioxifilcon А (nonionic)

  • Production method: cast molding

  • Water content: 58%

  • Center thickness (-3,0): 0,075 mm

  • Oxygen permeability: 33 х 10-9

  • Base curve: 8,6 mm

  • Diameter: 14,2 mm

  • Refraction (center):

          • -0,5 to -6,0 D with 0,25 D step;

          • -6,0 to -10,0 D with 0,5 D step;

          • +1,0 to +6,0 D with 0,5 D step.

  • Wearing schedule: daily replacement

  • UV protection: Class I – maximum protection


Packaging: 30 blisters



  • retention of water inside the lens material

  • minimum dehydration due to a biocompatible GMA-polymer that mimics the mucin layer of the tear film

  • long-term stability of the tear film due to the storage of the lens in isotonic solution with the addition of hyaluronic acid

No “dry eyes” feeling even when working in a room with a low humidity.


Higher quality of vision! The curvature of the lens surface gradually decreases closer to the periphery, neutralizing the spherical aberrations inherent in the lens and the eye.

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