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Spectacle frames and sunglasses

«OKVision» — an exclusive distributor of the world famous brands: Nina Ricci, Kenzo, New Balance, Columbia etc. We offer high-quality, fashionable, modern frames and sunglasses manufactured in Austria, USA, France, Japan.

We also work with such brands as LAM’Y, REGE, Uniopt Gmbh, REMeyewear and many others.

The number of brands represented in the assortment is constantly increasing. You can always choose sunglasses and frames to your taste.

Nina Ricci

 nina ricci 3242 c03     nina ricci 3700 c01.png      nina ricci 3700 c02.png
     nina ricci 3703 c04.png      nina ricci 3712 c06.png      nina ricci 3716 c03.png


 his 28148-1  his 28148-3  his 38114-3
 his 38142-1  his 38149-2  his 38149-3


 kenzo 3211 c01.png  kenzo 3211 c02.png  kenzo 5113 c02.png

Ray Ban

 ray ban rb 2140 1167 s5.png  ray ban rb 2447 901 49.png  ray ban rb 3524 112 73 57.png

Hugo Boss

 hugo boss 0552s e70.png  hugo boss 0833s hwm.png  hugo boss 0245s qwk.png


 trussardi 12875-bl.png  trussardi 15701-lb.png  trussardi 15707-br.png

Salvatore Ferragamo

 salvatore ferragamo 764sl 663.png  salvatore ferragamo 780s 001.png  salvatore ferragamo 819s 463.png