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Conventional soft contact lenses


Technical data:

  • Material: Terpolymer (nonionic)

  • Production method: lathe cutting

  • Center thickness (-3,0): 0,06 mm

  • Oxygen permeability: 32,5 х 10-9

  • Water content: 55%

  • Base curve: 8,4 mm / 8,7 mm

  • Refraction (center):

          • ±0,5 D to ± 6,0 D with 0,25 D step;

          • ±6,5 D to ± 20,0 D with 0,5 D step.

  • Wearing duration: half-yearly

  • Wearing schedule: daytime


Packaging: 1 bottle



Production with ultra-precise equipment and 100% quality control ensure that parameters are stable and the optical properties of the lenses are high.




Non-ionic material with a high elasticity modulus ensures strength despite a small thickness in the center and thin edge, provides long-term use and ease of handling: lenses are easily put on and removed, they are resistant to mechanical damage and are ideal for beginners.


Recommended care solutions: OKVision® GOLD universal solution,  OKVision® I Care multifunctional solution, OKVision® AQUA moisturizing drops.

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