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OKVision® OKV-SL

Customizable soft contact lenses


Technical data:

  • Material:

          • Contamac GMAdvance 49%,

          • Contamac GMAdvance 58%

          • Contamac Definitive 74% (silicone-hydrogel)

  • Production method: lathe cutting

  • Wearing duration: half-yearly

  • Wearing schedule: daytime


  • Sph: -30,0 D to +30,0 D with 0,25 D step

  • Base Curve: 6,5 mm to 9,00 mm with 0,05 mm step

  • Diameter: 13,5 mm to 15 mm with 0,1 mm step

Recommended care solutions: OKVision I Care multifunctional solution, OKVision AQUA moisturizing drops.

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