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OKVision® Defocus Control Lens

Customizable distance-center bifocal soft contact lenses for myopia control. Features Defocus & Control Technology™ and a patented bifocal design.

Key features

  • Customizable based on patient’s individual parameters

  • Inhibition of myopia progression due to variable (from +2,5 to +6,0 diopters) addition zone on periphery

  • Clear distance and near vision

  • All-day comfort thanks to high oxygen permeability and 3D wetting technology

  • Prevention of complications caused by high myopia such as glaucoma, myopic macular degeneration, retinal detachment, etc.

Technical data:

  • Material: Efrofilcon A / Acofilcon A / Acofilcon B

  • Production method: lathe cutting

  • Water content: 74% / 58% / 49%

  • Center thickness (-3,0): 0,15 mm

  • Oxygen permeability: 26,5 Dk

  • Elasticity modulus: 0,5 mPa

  • Base curve: 7,0 – 9,0 mm

  • Diameter: 13,00 – 15,00 mm

  • Refraction (center): -0,5 to -20,0 D with 0,25 D step

  • Addition (periphery): +2,5 D to +4,0 D

  • Wearing schedule: daytime

  • Dispensing time: 6 months

 Recommended care solutions: BioTwin multifunctional solution for Efrofilcon A material, Piiloset One Step peroxide system can be used with Acofilcon A-B materials.


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