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OKVision® OKV-SL Soft K

Unique soft contact lens especially designed for vision correction of patients with keratoconus and irregular corneas without compromising comfort. Great fit is achieved by balancing the horizontal visible diameter of the iris (HVID) and sagittal height, which ensures maximum comfort.


Technical data:

  • Material:

          • Contamac GMAdvance 49%,

          • Contamac GMAdvance 58%

          • Contamac Definitive 74% (silicone-hydrogel)

  • Production method: lathe cutting

  • Wearing duration: half-yearly

  • Wearing schedule: daytime


  • Sph: -30,0 D to +30,0 D with 0,25 D step

  • Base Curve: 7,0 / 7,3 / 7,6 / 7,9 / 8,2 mm

  • Diameter: 14,2 mm or 14,8 mm


Recommended care solutions: OKVision I Care multifunctional solution, OKVision AQUA moisturizing drops.
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