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OKV-RGP for keratoconus treatment

Gas-permeable contact lenses for correction of keratoconus.


Technical data:

• Material: Contamac (UK) gas-permeable materials

• Production method: lathe cutting

• Oxygen permeability: 26 Dk, 50 Dk, 100 Dk, 125 Dk

• Colors: blue, green, grey

• Wearing duration: yearly

• Wearing schedule: daytime



• Sph: -30,0 D to +30,0 D with 0,25 D step

• Base Curve: 5,1 mm to 7,6 mm with 0,05 mm step

• Diameter: 8,0 mm to 9,5 mm with 0,1 mm step


Fully customizable options are available.


Recommended care solutions:  Piiloset Hard universal solution,  Piiloset Hard Plus  solution,  OKVision AQUA peroxide system, Piiloset One Step moisturizing drops.