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Colored two-weekly replacement hydrogel soft contact lenses. Available in aqua, green and blue colors.


 Technical data:

•        Material: Terpolymer (nonionic)

•        Production method: cast molding

•        Center thickness (-3,0): 0,06 mm

•        Oxygen permeability: 27,5 х 10-9

•        Diameter: 14,0 mm

•        Water content: 55%

•        Base curve: 8,6 mm

•        Refraction (center): 0,00 to -15,0 D with 0,50 D step.

•        Wearing duration: two weeks

•        Wearing schedule: daytime

Packaging: 6 blisters

OKVision® FUSION NUANCE is made by a unique technology developed by OKVision® - the dye is applied inside the lens. Ultra-slim design and optimum water content ensure high oxygen permeability of the lenses, which guarantees maximum safety and durability of the lenses during the entire service life.


Thanks to a light tint, OKVision® FUSION NUANCE contact lenses enhance the natural color of your eyes, while remaining almost invisible. The transparent pupil zone provides high visual acuity without changing your color perception. 

OKVision® FUSION NUANCE lenses emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes.
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