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Lens Factory

Lens Factory

Our Mission

Our laboratory is primarily aimed at production of individual (customizable) contact lenses for patients with complex refractive errors and / or anatomical features of the eye, who cannot be satisfied with contact lenses of standard design.


“Lens Factory” is equipped with high-tech DAC International (USA) machinery. The latest generation of Focal Points software enables us to produce contact lenses of any configuration, design and complexity. The use of Larsen Equipment Design (USA) equipment ensures the highest quality of the surface and the edges of the lens.

Professional support

OKVision provides a continuous professional support: trainings, seminars and advice to ensure a guaranteed successful selection in each individual case.

Thanks to modern production technologies, the selection of contact lenses has become an absolutely customizable process. Now you can choose:

  1. Material (with different oxygen permeability and color).
  2. The optical power and cylinder (Spherical equivalent: from −30,0 D to +30,0 D (0,1D step), Cylinder: from −0,25 D to −10,0 D (0,25 D step))
  3. Diameter: from 8,0 to 16,0 mm (0,1D step).
  4. Base curve: from 5,5 to 10,0 mm (0,1 mm step).
  5. Type: spherical, toric, bitoric, for keratoconus correction, scleral, Ortho-K, hybrid.


If you would like to place an order, please contact us:

Address: 125438, Moscow, Mikhalkovskaya Street, house 63b, building 4

Phone: +7 (495) 602-05-53