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Soft contact lenses of special design have been used for prevention of progressive myopia for more than twenty years. In Russia, the idea of development of an advanced soft contact lens inducing a peripheral myopic defocus belongs to Professor Alexander Myagkov, the director of a “Russian Academy of Medical Optics and Optometry”.

In November of 2012, academy invited Dr. Thomas Aller (San Bruno, CA), a world-renowned expert in myopia control, to attend the annual “Autumn Refraction Readings” congress. The doctor shared his personal experience in treatment of progressive myopia; in particular, about the effectiveness of bifocal soft contact lenses. That was the starting point on the way from an inspiring idea to a novel and exclusive commercial product.

In 2015, a team of engineers was formed by OKVision, headed by Technical Director Alexei Yadykin and Head of Production department Sergey Listratov. Under the guidance of Professor Alexander Myagkov, a custom design contact lenses production laboratory was established. In the meantime, a development of “Defocus & Control technology” was actively pursued in collaboration with Natalia Pavlovna Parfenova. As a result, the production of the first prototypes of defocus inducing soft contact lenses was launched and testing of this method of progressive myopia treatment in “Krugozor” Eye Clinic began in March of 2016.

The next important stages took place in January and March of 2017, when the international patent application “A method for treatment of progressing myopia and lens for progressive myopia treatment” was filed, and mass sales of custom design defocus inducing bifocal soft contact lenses manufactured by lathe cutting technology at OKVision’s own production facility in Moscow started.

In April of 2018, OKVision launched sales of “Prima BIO bi-focal design”, monthly replacement bifocal soft contact lenses manufactured by cast molding technology.

These are only a few milestones of a multi-stage, complex and a truly impressive process. We are certain that these are the first successful stages of the further development of this technology.

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